20 Reasons Why You Should Get Back In The Saddle

There is a moment in most horse girls lives that requires them to keep or let go of riding. The circumstances are unique to each, but the heartache of letting it go is all the same. If you chose to let it go to grow in new endeavors and are ready to get back in somehow, someway—this is for you (or someone you know.)

Below are 20 women from different places around the world, polar opposite careers with different income brackets, all the disciplines, and anywhere from 2 months to 15 years out of the saddle. They’ve been where you are now, feeling what you’re feeling, and here is what they have to say.

  1. “Don’t be embarrassed to be a newbie again, it’s okay, just have fun.” - Emerson, Seattle

  1. “Take things at your pace and enjoy every step of the journey! Never forget that you’re a badass who wants to ride 1200lb animals for fun, that’s pretty darn rad.” - Rae, New York

  2. “Don’t feel bad or be hard on yourself, you won’t be the same rider as you were when you stopped. See it as a new chance to be re-schooled and a better rider than ever.” Emina, Stockholm Sweden

  3. “Do it. I know that seems too simple but if there is a part of you that misses horses then you feel like you’re missing a part of yourself” - Keira, Maine

  4. “Just do it. Horse girls are born to ride and even if you take a break, the horses, and community will always be there for you.” - Lauren, Ohio

  5. “Do it!! You won't regret it! There are so many options out there to ride again and have horses back in your life.” - Toni, MA

  6. “Do it! Don’t wait or make excuses!” - Louise, France

  7. “It’s never gonna be perfect! And that is A-okay. Also, riding is hard work and you’re gonna be sore ;)” - Miriah, Virginia

  8. “I wish I would’ve done it sooner! My advice would be find a knowledgeable trainer and start riding again and have fun!” - Ashley, Maryland

  9. “Take your time coming back—there’s no rush! Do it for the love of the horse and love of the sport.” - Kori, Texas

  10. “To have fun! I’m ambitious and really satisfied by having a clear plan and reaching goals, but I really wish I would’ve taken a second to breathe and enjoy the moment.” - Anu, Michigan

  11. “Go for it lovely! Everything you've ever learned is still there.” - Anne, Netherlands

  12. “Just do it. Even if it is just one lesson every 2 weeks, if horses are a part of who you are you need to get back at it. And it is not just about riding, building that community is important too. I would offer to come out and groom the school horses for free, which the barn appreciates and I got my horse fix without spending money” - Christi, NC

  13. “Be kind to yourself, be patient with yourself. Also, really let barn time be just that - you deserve to be immersed in the short time you have to spend there without distractions.” - Sam, Michigan

  14. “There is nearly always time for horses; you simply have to make it a priority. Strategically plan your schedule.” - Nadja, Florida

  15. “Just go for it because there is no better feeling than having a tough day at work and feeling shitty or stuck and going to the barn to ride your horse!” - Kathy, Netherlands

  16. “Don’t start by taking on too much! You don’t want to burn out and when you’re busy, you deserve to enjoy the horse time you have! Leasing is a brilliant option.” - Jocelyn, Canada

  17. “You CAN make it happen! Be creative, be committed, and remember your WHY at all times!” - Danielle, Canada

  18. “Be persistent and patient.” - Bree, SC

  19. “Just do it. Google riding lessons near you and call all of them. If they call you back go take a tour and set up a lesson. A lot of places offer the first lesson free. You’ll find where you feel comfortable. And if you get hooked, you’ll make it work.” - Abby, WV

Ironically, this post is not sponsored by Nike. However, I concur that you should just do it. Start reasonably and build a community—Calling All Horse Girls is a good place to start ;)