Horse Girl

noun, plural horse girls

a person who has or wishes to have a connection with a horse. 

Welcome to Calling All Horse Girls. We are a community of horse lovers who believe in the power of the “horse girl” and are dedicated to celebrating and supporting the journey.

Follow us at @CallingAllHorseGirls and say hi 👋 or email us to talk about collaborations & partnerships. 

A note from the founder:

Hi! My name is Emmie. I started Calling All Horse Girls for the ones who had to step away from horses (like myself), to build companies, start careers, raise babies, tackle school, et cetera. What I saw missing was a space that supported these horse girls through every stage of that process, especially the part when they are ready to get horses back in their lives. (Yay!)

I named the company, “Calling All Horse Girls” because it is exactly what we are doing— and saying, “Hey, you belong here.” Using the term “Horse Girl” was important to me because it has such a narrow stereotyped definition—we’re redefining it to the robust, strong, and empowering group of people who happen to be horse crazy.

And with that, my sincerest hope is that you walk away from this space feeling even more proud to call yourself a horse girl.

Thank you for being here and helping build this community. Don’t hesitate to reach out, ♥️

Much love, Emmie