Mini Pennant


Welcome to team horse girl.

This Pennant is 4x9” and comes in three different color-ways.


For hundreds of years, pennants have been used as a form of identification. Whether that be the school you went to, the sports team you root for, or the city you’re from. Pennants represent a part of you—a part you are particularly proud of.

So, here’s a reminder that being a horse girl is something to be proud of. Something that defines you. Something to believe in. And something to wave in the air (like you just don’t care.)

These pennants are American-made with 100% wool and screen printed lettering.

All CAHG products are small-batch runs. At this time we do not accept returns or exchanges.

However, if anything happens to your item during transit (getting lost, damaged,) or you receive the incorrect product, we will happily replace your item at no charge. Please email with your order number if there are any issues with your order.