The Award for The Chaps Most Associated With the Early Aughts: Christina Aguilera 

Photo: Screenshot from Christina's "Dirrty" music video

The Spottiest Sell (Me a Pair of Those!) Service Award Goes To:  Lizzo  

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The “Rear Window” Award goes to: Prince 

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The Award for Best *POP* of Color Goes to: Britney Spears  

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The “First Rodeo? Ha. I Invented Rodeos” Award Goes To: Beyonce 

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The Award for Best Fashion Moment goes to: Lil Nas X

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The Perfect Portmanteau Award goes to: Rihanna

Image/reference source: Craig McDean for May 2016 issue of Vogue UK, 

The Rhinestone Cowgirl Award Goes to: Dolly Parton 

Video/reference source image: NY post

The People’s Chaps Award goes to: Randy Jones 

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